By 2025, the transport infrastructure of Phuket will change beyond recognition. Real estate prices are also
In the mid-1970s, the construction of a full-fledged airport in Phuket seemed to be the pinnacle of the development of its transport infrastructure. But with the growing popularity of the island in the 1990s, it became clear that Phuket was in dire need of building new roads and launching new modes of transport. Already in the 2000s, active construction of tunnels and interchanges began, and as of the end of 2017:

commissioned a new airport terminal, and its capacity increased to 12.5 million passengers;
there is an accelerated preparation for the construction of a new four-lane route Kata-Patong with two tunnels over the ridge (commissioning — 2024);
The expansion of the sea deep-sea port for the reception of large passenger ships has been launched;
the project of a light railroad with a length of 60 km was agreed upon (the beginning of construction — 2018, commissioning — 2021).
By 2025, the implementation of all these projects will transform Phuket. The island will get rid of traffic congestion and monopoly of taxis in remote areas, and the time to the centers of trade and entertainment will be reduced to a few minutes.

Local companies have already predicted a growing interest in the island’s real estate and are actively building free areas. This led to an increase in the market value of land. The next sharp jump in prices is waiting for the finished apartments, but for the time being investors have a reserve of four or five years for a successful investment.

A high-speed tramway will give impetus to the development of hotel and tourist business inside the island, will generate demand for real estate and will accumulate retail trade around itself. There is no need to go far beyond examples — with the advent of the underground metro in Bangkok, the demand for real estate has increased and the economy of the districts on the way of new transport has improved

Phuket will be an oasis for IT start-ups
According to the annual rating of Nomad List, the cities of Thailand are regularly included in TOP-10 of the best places in the world for remote work. Phuket Town is one of the top 20 cities for freelancing.

The Thai government did not leave this trend without attention. So, in 2016, the Prime Minister presented the national development project of Phuket as an Asian start-hub and a world-class center of advanced technologies. Within the framework of the project, until 2020, the island will attract investors, and comfortable conditions for crowdfinding and IT entrepreneurs will be created here.

According to the forecasts of SAYAMA Real Estate experts, the start-up of Phuket will lead to a jump in property prices, as happened in Silicon Valley. There for a short time (2010 — 2013) the micro-market of real estate became anomalously hot because of the intensive demand and limited supply. Real estate buyers in Phuket have every chance to become owners of a large «piece of pie» a few years before the fierce struggle for crumbs begins.

Phuket — a long-term leader of the tourism market in Thailand and Asia
The beaches of Phuket are regularly included in the top ten most beautiful in the world. Today, Kata and Karon regions are very attractive for investments. Even with a relatively modest budget here you can buy objects that will bring a stable foreign exchange income today.

In the long term, the areas of Surin, Kamala and Bangtao will be in demand for five to ten years. In the coastal zones of these beaches there are still unoccupied sites, international hotel chains come here (in 2013, the Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort opened on Kamala beach), and local authorities are preparing several large infrastructure projects. So, in 2016 the project of building a park near the beach of Surin was approved. The development of beaches will expand the recreational opportunities of Phuket and consolidate its status as a tourist leader of Southeast Asia.

Today, on the first coastline of the promising areas of Surin, Kamala and Bangtao, there are still offers for buying real estate. As the development and development of areas will increase demand for rent and significantly reduce the number of free investment projects.

In the next five to ten years, the most interesting will be acquisitions in the areas of Surin, Kamala and Bangtao. There is still a free place for investors to enter, and local authorities plan to actively develop the infrastructure

Phuket will become the center of yachting in Southeast Asia
In 2016, with the support of the Dutch shipbuilding company Feadship in Phuket, the opening of the yacht season throughout Asia — Kata Rocks Superyacht Rendezvous (KRSR) was held. The event was a huge success, and in 2017 it was decided to make Phuket the annual gathering place for the owners of superyachts. This year on the island for the start of the season, yachts from Monaco, including the 68-meter «Lady Christina» and the 50.8-meter «Northern Sun» arrived.

Phuket’s property is a universal offering and the best option to diversify risks
Real estate in Phuket today is represented by a variety of proposals — from luxury villas on the first line to the sea (cost from $ 1 million) to compact economy-class apartments in condominiums (from 70 thousand dollars) near the beach or inland.

This is a unique opportunity for an investor to diversify risks and distribute capital for various assets. For example, most of the funds are invested in projects with low risks and with a small but guaranteed income — in budget apartments in condominiums. And a smaller part to invest in elite real estate — villas, penthouses or apartments in condominiums of premium class.

8% of annual income
Real estate in Phuket remains one of the few opportunities for stable and long-term investments. Return on investment reaches 7-10% per annum. Yes, these figures do not compare with the opportunities for earning on the stock exchange, in their business or when working with venture projects. But the risks of losing capital when investing in real estate are incomparably lower than elsewhere. In addition, this is much more profitable than bank deposits, which are melting due to inflation.

All you need to do to an investor to buy real estate in the most dynamic market in Asia and receive up to 8-10% of guaranteed income each year is to contact the manager of the company SAYAMA Real Estate by phone: +66 8000 2 6000. You will receive an exhaustive consultation on the most interesting offers in the property market of Phuket and all of Thailand.

Invest as long as there is time!

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