If we rate the questions that are constantly asked of us (and we necessarily compose it somehow), then one of the most popular will be the following: «how to earn remotely» and «on what means do you live?».

In fact, if you understand, the second question about the means is intentionally, or unconsciously modified first, and there are two categories of people who ask it:

The first one is interested in knowing how we earn, in order to understand how you can earn money remotely;
the second one asks to say to myself «Well, I do not know how to do this and therefore I can not quit my job / go to travel / start to live in my pleasure (underline it)».
It may seem strange why someone might need to ask a question just to find out that he will never be able to.

In fact, this is not surprising. Eric Berne read (if not, then be sure to read)? Of course, this is just such entertainment, a modified version of one of the most popular games in which people play: «Why do not you … Yes, but …» — «Yes, of course you earn it, but I certainly can not «, Well, and other variations on this topic.

That’s why I do not like to answer the question that is formulated this way. Not because it’s hard for me to answer. Well, think for yourself, what will give you such an answer? Let’s say I work as a programmer / designer / photographer / elephant washer / penguin turner and so on.

Firstly, if you already have some of the «freelance» specialties, then just do not ask such a question. In this case, you already know that you can work anytime and anywhere, but where to live with this is a secondary issue.
Secondly, if you ask such a question and at the same time treat the first category, then after hearing the profession, you simply learn one more way to earn remotely or you will understand that you already knew it already.
And, finally, if you belong to the second category of people, then I’m not interested in playing with you in psychological games. Bye.
That’s why I try to approach this issue more systematically and to those people who really want to change their lives, start living more freely and move from office work to a remote one, I try to talk about the opportunities that everyone has, regardless of education and experience.

Generally, specialties, with which you can earn through the Internet quite a lot. On the surface lie 3-4 obvious, like the ones already mentioned («designer», «programmer», «photographer»). But for them, nevertheless, certain skills are needed and it is unlikely that they will start and earn money in these spheres.

How to start working remotely?

If you want to start working on the Internet, do the following to start. Take a pen and paper (you can open a new page in Word or notebook) and write 5 variants of those professions that you could master in a few days, and which, for starters, can bring some minimum income that allows you not to go to the office.

Have you written it? Excellent! Now choose one of these professions and start earning. An ingenious algorithm, will you agree ?! Just two steps and try to prove to me that it does not work =)

Just want to make a reservation. If someone thinks that the phrase «remote work» is synonymous with the phrase «lying all day on the beach in a hammock under a coconut tree», then I want to upset you — it’s not so. In this case, «remote work», first of all, means the fact that you will have to do something, and in the second — that you can do it without tying yourself to a stuffy office, a gloomy boss and life from a call to a call.

By the way, if you have difficulties with writing a list of such specialties, you can peek into the book «7 professions for quick earning on the Internet», in which you are described in detail .. do not believe it — 7 professions for quick earning on the Internet! I will tell about the authors of this book below.

How to learn to work on the Internet?
It turns out that there are a lot of professions for which it is enough to be able to speak and write in Russian. Well, the book was too lazy to download, but do not you believe me? Okay, then I’ll introduce you to the people who «ate the dog» on the Internet — Alexander Redkin and Igor Poltavtsev, who live in Bali and are engaged in helping others learn how to earn remotely.

We happened to meet them on the Internet six months ago and it was very interesting for us to talk with them personally, because our values ​​are in many respects the same.

So, arriving in Bali, we almost immediately met in person. Well, to be precise, we were all going to meet with them, until we accidentally ran into Sasha when we bought durian in a fruit shop near his house =) It turned out that we live in Ubud, not far from each other .

Work at Home 2
A couple of days later we talked with Sasha, and he answered us in detail about his project «Work at home 2» (he has no relationship to Dom-2))

If in a nutshell, the essence of the project is that the student is taken by the hand and by the spent scheme is carried out on all steps — beginning from the realization that you can earn on the Internet, through getting the first money and reaching a constant level of income.

At the same time, in «Work at home 2» no one promises that you will earn a million, working for 4 hours a week (sorry, Ferris!). But they give a guarantee that if you perform all the tasks step by step, then you will earn at least $ 500 per month. They do not offer «magic pills» — you will not become a big specialist in any area, but you will get the skill of finding work and positioning yourself as a specialist.

For residents of the two Russian capitals, the amount may seem small, but let’s be honest — the average salary in Russia is 15-17 thousand rubles, and if you do not take into account the Moscow top managers, you will get even less. Hmm, then it turns out that for the majority of the country’s inhabitants, to earn $ 500 in the next month, not at the machine tool at the plant, but sitting at the computer, it seems not such a bad idea, is it? And besides, $ 500 is just the beginning. If you in a few months and continue to earn $ 500, then you either do not need more, or something is wrong with you)
Training is conducted online, as well as subsequent work on the Internet. The only and most important tool you will need is a computer with an Internet connection. During the training, the students join in several groups, each of which has a «mentor» who helps in the course, answers the questions that arise and, of course, makes them cheer when doing the tasks. Among the participants, the most active and initiative group is chosen — the leader of the group, so that there is an opportunity to show their leadership qualities.

Is there life outside of Russia?
After listening to Sasha, it became interesting for us to look inside from what is happening in this project. It turned out that for a year and a half since the creation, more than 1000 people have passed through the training. Of course, among them there are those who have returned to the usual way of life, there are a lot of those who started working on the Internet and stayed in Russia, and there are those who left and now live in Bali.

Since many of the guys are first out of their cities for the first time, they try to keep together here, so that a small community has gradually formed in Bali. Together they celebrate holidays and birthdays, play mafia and other board games. At one of these joint events, we got to know a part of this company

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